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Wednesday, שלח  [7 June 1939] ב"ה


My very dear child עמ"ש!

I received your card 5 minutes ago and have run to the main post office immediately to write to you that you should not give Rabbi P. the address of Mr. Shochet. There is no point in her writing to him. It really hurts me that she has troubled the dear aunt because of us. I did not ask her to do that. I did indeed ask her if she could perhaps do something for us but I certainly don’t need her connection with regard to my own relatives, especially Aunt Surale ת'. She wrote to me last week that she wants to speak to my relatives. I wrote to her that she should not do that. She has probably not received that yet.

What is happening with you otherwise? How is it going with the prospects for dear Yisroel נ"י? Write to me please what you know about that, because dear Zeide שליט"א is very curious. He asked me to ask you if there are any negotiations concerning this? Sara תחי' has received today ב"ה [an appointment] for the [medical] examination. We are very happy that Naftoli נ"י is already in the Yeshiva, may it be successful. Please write how it went? Where do his clothes get washed?

I kiss you as well as the dear aunt, dear Gusti and the dear child.

Your Mama

Many greetings to all the beloved ones. Papa שליט"א and Sara ת' send greetings

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R' Dovid & Chaye Ides

R' Dovid & Chaye Ides


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