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                                                                        Vienna 9 July 1939       ב"ה


My dear ones עמ"ש!

I thank you very much for your great participation and effort. May השי"ת grant that we will be able to thank you in happier times.  Chane Hinde ת' has already written to you today that this מלבוש does not come into question for us even though we don’t know the exact price. We prefer being with our children שיחי' in case we cannot come as a Rabbi. I would now like to beg you my dear ones if there is any possibility at all to have this מלבוש3 altered for my good friend. She has ב"ה sufficient material to leave something over for me. I could make good use of it.

The picture book has 90 pages and belongs to my friend. She is happy to give it for the  מלבוש3. Unfortunately she has the same sickness as I. They are two people. In any case I ask you to write to us immediately upon receipt of this letter whether it is at all possible. Besides, it is also a big מצוה , and we would also benefit from the remnants.

Concerning ourselves, we unfortunately still know nothing. We are totally in despair. Have you already written to London about our situation asking them to make an application for us there? We are still standing as if in the middle of the water, השם ירחם .

Warmest greetings from



Dudie נ"י sends best regards and thanks you for everything. The picture book of my friend is with B. Schwebel Tel-Aviv S. Frug St. 40. The above-mentioned will call on you. Nevertheless I ask for a reply by return.


        Pinchas and Gitel Mosel, R’ Dovid’s sister and brother-in-law in Palestine.

        Hashem Yisborach – G-d may he be blessed.

        Malbush – garment, used here to refer covertly to a Certificate to enter Palestine.

        In England.

        To Palestine.

        A reference to a sum of money.

        Mitzvah – good deed.

        Hashem yerachem – may G-d have mercy.

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R' Dovid & Chaye Ides

R' Dovid & Chaye Ides


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