Vienna 1 August [1939]   ב"ה                       


Dearest Fogerl ת'!

Many thanks for your dear card. I also received post from Tuli נ"י and from Sara ת' at the same time. Can’t you write to me more about Tuli נ"י? Is he learning properly? Does he know anything? Ask dear Srul נ"י to be kind enough to take an interest in this. When is dear Gusti ת' coming back?  What does the little lady have to say about the absence of her dear parents?  We are a bit calmer now ב"ה since Uncle Piniu נ"י wrote that our certificate p.G. will be on its way from there in a few days. He also wrote that the certificate for dear Grosspapa שליט"א will arrive this week.  The lawyer said that there had been some problem, which has been cleared up.

I went up [to visit Grosspapa] a few times in Auntie’s [Chana Hinde’s] absence.  I have put up with a lot from her, but I had no choice. I had to see Grosspapa to see how he is doing. Grosspapa is happy that we will have the certificate.  He did tell me that she is furious and that I should not show my face in her presence.  I will never forget what Aunt Gusti and Uncle Piniu have done; they have behaved towards us like true, noble siblings.  השי"ת should help them for this, and enable us to thank them in happy times.

How are you doing, my sweet Feigele ת'? You still owe me a detailed letter. Papa נ"י requests that you write in Yiddish.  I embrace and kiss you most affectionately  

Your Mama.


I greet you, precious sister-in-law. How do you feel, my dear? Are your joints better? I believe that sweet grandchild can heal everything.

Regards to all,       



Many greetings, 



        Hashem Yisborach – G-d, may He be blessed.

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R' Dovid & Chaye Ides




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