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23 November 1939     ב"ה 


My precious, beloved children עמ"ש, my all,

You must certainly have received my letter of last week. I am informing you that I will depart from here איה"ש the day after tomorrow on Saturday night. I will not be able to write from the journey because I am travelling without a penny. Please write to me there.

I do not allow myself to even imagine my arrival with a heart so broken and shamefaced. To whom? May the Almighty at least soon send me a possibility of earning a living. Till then I would prefer to be among total strangers so as not to be a burden on anybody. If you, my precious children, could earn something to help me along in the beginning? Please try!

I beg you, my sweet children, do not mourn excessively. One shouldn’t and it’s useless. It has sadly happened to us and it can no longer be changed. Trust in the Almighty. With His help I will endeavor to be both mother and father to you. I hope, my good sweethearts, you will not make it difficult for me. I now indeed have only you, and only for you will I live from now on. Be healthy and strengthened. השי"ת should give me the זכי' to see you soon.

With many hearty kisses I remain

Your Mama


Just now I received a card from Aunt Jitta ת'. She is in Krakow, Luser is somewhere else, and Srul נ"י is somewhere else.  Sadly, she also has nothing happy to write. The main thing is they are alive. She writes that Chaje Hindale with her husband and child are also healthy ב"ה.  Please inform Grosspapa נ"י about this because he worries a lot.

I would very much like to have a few lines from dear Esterl ת'.  Write to her that I travelled illegally because I had to leave and Father ז"ל is waiting here for a certificate. From here he is unable to write to her. The grandparents in Nitra have been told that he is already in א"י and I will follow.

For Herschi נ"י they took board and lodging with a friend so that the precious parents should not learn of our misfortune.

We have to bear our great צרות bravely if only my כוחות would cooperate.

I answered Tuli’s נ"י letter via Fenster. Does Suri ת' know already? Spare her as long as possible.

Best regards to the dear relatives from


I would be very happy if you could sell something in order to pay the Rebbetzin the 5. It weighs heavily on me. Suri knows what I mean. I did not reckon that it would take so long. I would feel calmer even if meanwhile it would be only a partial payment. Did you ever visit her? Send her my regards.

Best regards to the Schapira family שי' as well as to the Gottesman family, Schmilu נ"י and all.



We too greet you most warmly and wish you all the best

Marjem Rubin


        Hashem Yisborach – G-d, may He be blessed.

        Zechiyoh – privilege.

        R Dovid’s sister, married to R Elozor Horowitz of Mielec.

        Her husband.

        Her son.

        Her daughter.

        Eretz Yisroel – the land of Israel.

        This is all to spare Ester and Chaye’s parents from knowing the truth, that R’ Dovid was no longer alive.

        Tzoros – misfortunes.

       Kochos – strength.

       This may be the same person as Schmelke mentioned at the end of the letter of 31 December 1939, also apparently as someone in Antwerp.

       Hanizkeres le’eil - the aforementioned.

       This is Marjem Schapira (see note to letter of 3 November 1939) using her maiden name of Rubin.

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Chaye Ides

Chaye Ides


Marjem Rubin

Marjem Rubin

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