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Kladovo 16 February 1940ב"ה


My very beloved all, precious Feigale ת' 

I have just received your dear letter with the stamps. It was a מחיה for me to receive news from you my sweet one. I would also be very happy to hear from the other children שיח' as well. I have also already written to Esti twice. Hopefully I will also receive a letter from her.

I do not need any more money here. Mariemcze תחי' sent me 300 dinars and 3 dollars. She writes that she took it from Wollmuth; I do not need any more. I have asked her for a suit and a coat for Zwi because, completely without knowing in advance, he came on board in Pressburg in only the clothes that he was wearing, as I passed through Pressburg.

I have always written via Belgium because I did not know whether you were already in London and Mariemcze did not want to forward my letter to you on the assumption that one may not write to England from here.

It’s nearly שבת , I cannot continue to write. Why does Aunt Surale not write?

I kiss you my sweet children and all the relatives       

Your Mama

Regards from dear Zwi נ"י

Weinstock 773 Kladovo Zar Nikola II


        Mechaye – relief, literally revitalizing.

       See note to letter of 3 November 1939.


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Chaye Ides

Chaye Ides




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