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Sabac 12 January 1941


My Dear Ones, עמ"ש!

I just received your well-travelled card now, because it was addressed to Kladovo and we have already been here over 3 months. You have certainly, in the meantime, received post from me several times.  I actually informed you that I would be arriving, but it came to nothing.

I have heard that the house in which Gitel ת' and Piniu נ"י lived has been demolished.  Please do write to me whether you came out of that in good health and what happened to your things, whether you have had any loss.  Did your father שליט"א and Chane Hinde תחי' also live in the same house? What effect did it have on father’s ש' health?  How is he feeling in general? I absolutely request you to write to me about this. Right after this happened I asked my niece ש(י)[ת]חי' if everything was all right with you, and she answered that you were ב"ה all well and here I heard what happened. For the moment there is no prospect of our coming. Zwi נ"י has, it is true, a certificate but Turkey isn’t giving any visa. As I hear, an illegal journey is not an option because they send you away. Do you know anything about Chanele Heschel and her 2 children שיחי'? Mrs. Goldflies ת' was also on that transport. Did they land? What do you hear from Frime and Yita תחי'?  I seldom get news from London. Please write to me if you get any. Did my things arrive? Mrs. Stolzberg and her 2 children are also near here. Sincere regards from

Chajcie and Zwi נ"י.


Ch. Weinstock Sabac Zanatlijska 3



        Bella Rapaport.

        A friend from Vienna.  See letter of 15 June 1939.

        She managed to get from Yugoslavia to London and brought to the children from Chaye the Vienna cemetery card recording the burial place of the urn of their father’s ashes.

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Chaye Ides

Chaye Ides


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