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20 October 1946


Dearest siblings עמ"ש

I am really sorry that this time my letter has been pushed off for such a long time. I could not write any earlier because it was only today that I finally returned to Jerusalem. During the holidays I travelled around the country a bit. I visited my friends in Kibbutz Yavne and other Kibbutzim. I always enjoy very pleasant hours in the company of my friends here in this land.

Some of my friends from Kfar Hanoar recently established a new settlement in the southern part of the country. You most likely have read about the latest settlements here in the country.

I spent יום כפור in Jerusalem. In the evening, for כל נדרי , I went to the biggest shul in Jerusalem -  ישורון –  where Chief Rabbi Herzog also prayed and where he delivered a most memorable sermon. On the day of יום כפור1, I prayed with the Gerer Rebbe.  I can say all in all that this time the holidays have left me with a lot of valuable and impressive memories. I hope that you too have had pleasant holidays.

I would like now to thank you heartily for all your letters.  First of all of course I want to let you know dear Sara תח' that I received, with much pleasure, your letter with the pictures. It was immediately forwarded to me at the time to Jerusalem. I must express my admiration to you, dear Sara. Your daughters are magnificent. Ruthyתח'   makes a very intelligent impression and she has a rich, hearty appearance. Judith is as yet too little to permit the passing of a physiognomic judgment. And yet she appears to be a very sweet, well-behaved baby. I showed these pictures to Uncle Pinjuנ"י   and Aunt Gitel תח'. The aunt sees a resemblance between Ruthy תח' and Shirley Temple. Your comments regarding the children gave me much pleasure.

I have read much in the newspapers about the “Britain can make it” exhibition, and I am really proud that you have displayed your products there.

I recently received a letter from you, dear Fay, in which you informed me about Sara’s letter. From your letter I gather that you are well pleased with your full time job. The circumstances appear to be rather favourable. How high is your salary? Why don’t you actually work in the factory? Is there no employment opportunity there for you anymore? I am taking the liberty of asking you a few details about this which are of interest to me: How do you manage in the factory concerning שבת ?  Does the factory operate only 5 days a week? Or do you work with גויים ?

I don’t fully understand what you write, dear Fay, concerning Tully נ"י: for what reason and why does he intend to emigrate? I really cannot comprehend why Tully didn’t even send me a few lines for the ימים נוראים ?

“And last but not least”, I want to thank you dear Ester for your New Year’s wishes.


I want to take this opportunity to congratulate Sara and Chaim on the purchase of your new car.   I myself am doing very well. I am utilising the rest of the time that still remains until the examination to study.  

With best regards,  



        Yom Kippur.

        Kol Nidrei.


       Held in London from 24th September to 31st October 1946.


        Goyim – gentiles.

        Yomim Noro’im – High Holidays.

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