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Thursday, שמיני [13 April 1939], Viennaב"ה

Greetings and best wishes to my dear and respected etc. brother-in-law and my dear and wise etc. sister שליט"א

After wishing you well with much love, I inform you hereby that I have seen your letter and I am writing to ask you urgently that you apply from there for a certificate for us as soon as possible, since we don’t have any prospects at all here. For G-d's sake, do not delay, G-d forbid, since it is really a matter of life and death. The anti-Jewish measures are multiplying here more and more all the time and there is no day whose curse is [not] greater [than that of the preceding day]. I do not have the strength to suffer it anymore. I am closed up in my house the whole day and I am afraid to go out even for a quarter of an hour to get a breath of fresh air. Every day that I am here can really be considered a year. I will finish with greetings. Wishing you well with heart and soul all the days, hoping to hear from you and to let you hear from me good news,


I too greet you cordially. I am convinced that you will do your utmost for us and I wish you the greatest success in your endeavours. We even have passports ready now. Maybe you can give me some advice, as I would like to take a course in something that would be good there, maybe chemical cleaning? I hope that the Almighty, blessed be He, will not forsake us there. I am ready for any kind of job in order to earn our living. We should only get out of here soon. Here every possibility of earning has ended for Jews. Feigale תחי' is already leaving, if it be G-d’s will, for London at the end of April. Naftoli נ"י, and Esterl תחי', write, thank G-d, good letters. Many greetings from the children, from



       Shemini – the weekly Torah portion.

       R’ Dovid’s sister and brother-in-law Gitel and Pinchas (Piniu) Mosel.


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R' Dovid & Chaye Ides

R' Dovid & Chaye Ides


Gittel & Pinchas

Gittel & Pinchas

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