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The Family Tree sets out the known genealogy of R’ Dovid & Chaye Ides Weinstock. It goes back to the 16th century and includes their children and their generation across the descendants of R’ Gershon Weinstock.

R’ Dovid’ lineage tracing back to King David is set out separately on page 8 of the book, with accompanying notes.

The grey section on the right includes the descendants of R’ Yechiel Dovid Ungar, Chaye Ides’ great, great-grandfather. Her sister, Miriam married Dovid Teitlebaum and through him the relationship with the Chassidic dynasties of Sanz, Satmar and Bobov. 

We absorb our history, and make it part of our lives, through stories that are passed down the generations. This is a repository of stories gathered from different members of the family. Please add yours.


The facility of recording sound allows us to capture original testimony and information, which is made available here. 

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