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Vienna Sunday, 30 April 1939ב"ה

Dear Feigale תחי',

This morning, we received your dear card from London. We expected it already on Shabbos. We have received only one card from your journey, from the Dutch border. We have received a notification from the committee in London that Sara תחי' has a guarantor and she will soon receive her papers. We had post from Esterl תחי' on Shabbos, but the Shochets did not add anything to it. I was in the Palestine Office today, they have promised me that dear Papa שליט"א will be included in the rabbis list. I asked Yisroel י"נ at one time to write about us to Rabbi Taglicht, but later I found out that he flew to London at that time. If Yisroel י"נ could use a connection through someone, it would be very good. For everything here is based on connections. Hopefully you will not forget to keep your promise to write us everything in detail, as you know very well how curious we are. Many heartfelt greetings to all our beloved ones, I kiss the dear Aunt,Gusti תחי', the baby and you. 

Your Mama.



I too greet all of you.

Greetings to my dear daughter Feigale ת',

I ask you that you find out exactly about Naftali י"נ, about the yeshiva, and whether he is learning there and whether he has a good friend.

Your father who greets you and hopes to hear and to let you hear good news,



Dear Feige עמ"ש

I am very glad to have received a detailed letter. Please don’t forget to protect Mama’s coat well against moths and my wool. Greet everyone most warmly. Also the honoured Maranowitz family, if you are there.



        Sarah Weinstock, wife of R Dovid Weinstock’s brother Herschel.

        Guggy Grahame, daughter of R Dovid Weinstock’s brother Herschel.

        Judy Grahame, later Judy Preger.

        They guaranteed for Sara to come to England and she stayed with them when she arrived. Naftali had been give sixpence pocket money by them when he was studying in Schneider’s yeshiva in London and he asked them to sponsor her.

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R' Dovid & Chaye Ides & Sara

R' Dovid & Chaye Ides & Sara




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