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Wednesday, בהר [10 May 1939], Viennaב"ה

Greetings and all good wishes forever to my dear and respected etc. etc. brother-in-law and to my dear sister, שליט"א

After greeting you, I am writing to inform you that my wife ת' was at the Palestine office today and they told her there that it would be good if she had some kind of connection to Rabbi Herzog, because everything now depends only on him. Yesterday the rabbis’ list was sent from here, approved by both the Vienna Jewish community and the Palestine office. There are 18 rabbis on the list and I am among them. Therefore I strongly urge you to now try to do everything possible, everything that is in your power, in this matter. And G-d will send us His help from a holy place. In the Palestine office they said that our chances are ב"ה good. Please tell me what you hear at your end. I have received ב"ה good letters from the children. May G-d help for the future. I will finish my letter with a greeting, your brother-in-law and brother who wishes you well with heart and soul every day, who expects to hear and to give good news,



I am greeting you as well, my dear ones. You must excuse us for harassing you so much. I hope to G-d that we will also express our gratitude in more peaceful conditions. Dear father נ"י feels very well thank G-d, but he is very impatient, especially since someone made him a promise here, now he looks out every day. May G-d grant that it be resolved soon in the happiest way. What do you say about dear Yisroel נ"י, isn’t that an achievement (without the evil eye)? I would like to hear soon that he has got a good job. Is it very hot now where you are? I don’t want to think at all how it will be there. What is unfortunately certain is that we must get out of here.   


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R' Dovid & Chaye Ides

R' Dovid & Chaye Ides


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