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 39 05 11.                                                                                 am  11/V  39  ב"ה  ה" בהר    


Liebste Feigi  AMUSH

Das hast Du “Tully” gemacht uns mit dem Bilde zu ueberraschen. Das Baby ist wirklich putzig, ich moechte es schon so gerne sehen. Beiligender Brief  ist berreitz vor 14 Tage angekommen. Helene wird sicher schon laengst Antwort erwartet haben. Hier gibt es nichts neues,mir ist schrecklich fad   Schabbes gehe ich oefters  mit Edith B. spazieren. Letzten Sontag waren auch 2 ihrer Freundinen mit. Wir gehen auch immer Rotenstr. Koertenerstr und noch weiter in den 5ten Bezirk.   Mama und ich lernen bei Fr. Stein mit einen bekanten Herrn von ihr, der leider nur 1-2 Wochen hier bleibt “ Englisch” Hat dir Esterl” ת"  schon geschrieben?  Wir bekommen wie sonst jeden  שבת   Post v. Ihr. Sei gegruesst und gekuesst. Die besten Gruesse an alle  von mir,.  Sara.   N.S. Herr Nettel war gerade hier, er laesst Dich schoen gruessen.

Warum schreibst Du Dich Fey? Schreibe lieber”FIG das heist auf English Feige.


  OK  17 12.12.

This is only part of a lette from  my Mother and Vather in Hebrew & yidish.

The Original Text

Thursday בהר, 11 May 1939 [Sent on 12 May 1939]


My dear good daughter, my sweet Fogerl תחי' עמ"ש!


Many heartfelt thanks for your very detailed letter. You know very well that now our only distraction is the post.  Read and be astonished! I am learning English now and I’m picking it up very well.  My parts for the diftin are also almost finished; I am already knitting the second sleeve. What do you say to that?  In addition, I have to run around now a lot to try to get the certificate. It’s true that it’s still only a hope, but no avenue should be ignored. Today we received a letter from Aunt Gitel תחי'. She writes that she is trying very hard there and there is בעה"ש hope, but it would be good if dear Yisroel נ"י could write to Rabbi Herzog.  She writes that she has even written to Yisroel נ"י herself. Where does he know Rabbi Herzog from? I know that he does not have much time, but if he really knows Rabbi Herzog, I would urge him to be so kind as to write him immediately on receipt of this letter, because it is urgent. Just to describe our situation here: we have nothing to eat here and are identified as stateless, in constant fear etc. Our names are on the rabbis’ list here, [as] 18 rabbis from here have been proposed [for certificates]. Please also tell Yisroel נ"י that someone should respond to Mr. Shochet as soon as possible. Dear Leo can of course also do that before Gusti תחי' comes. We have just received 3 parcels from Nitra with sausage, smoked meat and beef.  Last week we did not receive the raw meat until Shabbos.  Are you able to look after the dear child?  It can do no harm to know how to do that, but please be very careful and help the dear Aunt as much as you can. I hope that Gitale תחי' has no complaints that she went so early. I wish her the best recovery.


We receive ב"ה regular post from Esterl תחי', she writes very pleasant letters and recently Sara תחי' had ב"ה a bit [of work] to do, which comes at a very good time. Mrs. Parnes went to London yesterday. She took your address from me.  Now I hear that she arranged that the parcels be sent to you. It is very embarrassing for me, but what can I do? I hope that I will have her address in time and as soon as you receive a notification from the post, you will give it to her. She should collect the things for herself, they are nothing but old rags.  These days we have to suffer a little from one another. I am just happy that she travelled away safely. I gave her my large bag and I have bought myself a real leather one instead, a very nice one.


I greet and kiss you most warmly, my dear child. Many greetings and kisses to the dear Aunt Surale תחי'. Best greetings to all the loved ones. I thank dear Miss Grahame for her sweet pictures and kiss her.



I too greet my dear daughter תחי' עמ"ש. I ask you not to forget to wash your hands every time before eating bread and bensch, and to say Shema before you go to sleep, and to say the blessing for the Torah and Shema every morning.

Your father who greets you and hopes to receive and give good news.



Dearest Feigiעמ"ש


What a wonderful thing you have done, surprising us with the picture. The baby is really cute; I really would so much like to see her already. The accompanying letter already arrived 14 days ago. Helene must already be expecting a reply for some time.


There is nothing new here; I’m terribly bored. On Shabbos I often go for a walk with Edith B. Last Sunday two of her friends came along. We also always go via Rotenturmstrasse, Kaerntnerstrasse and further still into the 4th and 5th districts.


Mama and I are learning “English” at Mrs. Stein’s with a man who is an acquaintance of hers, who will unfortunately be here for only 1-2 weeks.

Has Esterl תחי' already written? We usually receive post from her every Shabbos.


Regards and kisses. Best regards from me to all.      Sara


P.S. Mr. Nettel was just here and sends you regards.


Why do you call yourself Fey? You should rather write “Fig” which is the English for Feige.

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R' Dovid & Chaye Ides & Sara

R' Dovid & Chaye Ides & Sara


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