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Postmark London 12 May 1939



Dear Chajcie תח' לאוי"ט

Praise to G-d that we have already thank G-d arrived here and thank G-d we had a very good journey on the train and on the sea. It was very beautiful, refreshing, thank G-d and Jewish people picked us up from the train in a very friendly way.  Thank G-d, may He be blessed, Jews are good. If unfortunately not pious, then at least good and in the merit of that G-d, may He be blessed, will help you all in the merit of charity.  I will please G-d write you details when we will already have a place to live.

I thank you for everything.  May G-d grant that I may pay you back in happy times.  I wish you all the best




Sending the things can wait until we will have a place to live. May G-d grant in health and all the best.



Honourable Mr D. Weinstock

Wien II

Lilienbrunng. 18/2

       Rebbetzen Hentschele Parnes, known as Hentschele die Rebbetzen.  See footnote to letter of 11 May 1939.  It is apparent that this card was written immediately on her arrival in London, as it is postmarked 12 May and Chaye writes on 11 May that "die Parnes" left for London "yesterday", 10 May.

       The correct number was 18/19.

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