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Tuesday קרח [13 June 1939] ב"ה


My very dear Feigale תחי' עמ"ש!

Thank you very much for your precious postcard. You need not worry about us, my dear child.  We have been spared ב"ה so far. May G-d grant that we be protected from all evil in the future, too. Today all the tenants from many streets had to come to a meeting and it was announced that all those who have flats facing the street are required to give notice tomorrow that they will terminate their rental agreements before 1 July.  You can imagine the agitation. We don’t know where to go. Maybe it will after all be changed in some way. I am only happy that Sara תחי' is leaving איה"ש on Tuesday of חקת , 20 June. We hear nothing and see nothing from Palestine. May G-d have mercy on us. You ought to visit our relative Rebbetzen Parnes, maybe she can do something for us. Maybe go along with Naftali נ"י if he has time. Unfortunately we don’t have any patience for learning English.

I kiss you as well as dear Aunt and dear Gusti and Judith תחי'



I too greet all of you.



Dearest Fey! עמ"ש

Many thanks for your very nice card. My thanks also to dear Aunt ת' for her good wishes. Mama has already written you regarding when I will travel. I believe that it is in the evening around eleven. I am tremendously happy that we will soon see each other again. I kiss you, best regards to all the loved ones.




        Weekly Torah portion of “Chukas,” i.e., the week of 18 to 24 June 1939.

       See footnote to letter of 11 May 1939.

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R' Dovid & Chaye Ides & Sara

R' Dovid & Chaye Ides & Sara




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