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Wednesday, חקת [21 June 1939] ב"ה


My dear ones, עמ"ש!

I read your postcards and letters constantly and I really thank you for your efforts, may G-d grant that you complete everything successfully. Sara תחי' left yesterday for England, although we would have preferred that she go with us for economic reasons. Yet, it is not fruitful to speculate about that now. Here, as stateless people, we are in great danger of deportation.  We do not sleep through the night. We could not pass up this opportunity, may it be for the best. I urge you to be so good as to give half a pound to Simcha Gottesmann, he will explain to you why, and please tell me what I should bring you from here for that. We are happy that dear father שליט"א is, with G-d’s help, going to get the certificate soon. Nothing will hold him back here, of course, as soon as the passport is in order.

Many greetings,




I too send you warmest greetings with great love.

May it be the will of G-d (may He be blessed) that He help me to get the [travel] certificate soon so that we are able to go out soon from trouble to freedom and from darkness to light.

Your brother and brother-in-law who wishes you well with heart and soul all the days. Hoping to see you soon alive and well,



        The son of a family friend.

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R' Dovid & Chaye Ides

R' Dovid & Chaye Ides


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