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Vienna 9 July [1939]  ב"ה


My beloved, precious child ת',

We have received your dear letter and thank you very much for sending it. It would be very desirable if [both of] you could work in a corset salon.

Even though Uncle Piniu נ"י cabled, nothing is happening with the [travel] certificate.  London would also be much better for us since you are there. How would we be able to start off all alone in Palestine? Try therefore, my precious child, to use any means possible so that we should be rescued from here as quickly as possible. It is critical that the matter be marked as urgent and be directly accompanied from 1 office to the next, so that it should go quickly. The final date is 25 July.  I hope that you will indeed find a document guarantor. Our [birth] dates you know: Papa was born on 21 March 1875, in Kuty, Poland, and I on 10 May 1896, in Lutowiska.

They say that for people over 60 it is easy. Berl also wrote that. Is it not possible to renew what Tuli נ"י once submitted?  Concerning the certificate, Aunt Hinde ת' wrote to Uncle Piniu not to do anything since it makes more sense for us to go to London, where you are. We too are completely of the same view. But it must be very quick.  Inform Feige ת' that Aunt has recalled the certificate so that she too should do everything possible.

I kiss you, 


Regards from


Feigi ת' called to say I should send the card to Uncle Berl.


       They had received a notice of eviction.

        This line is in R Dovid’s writing upside down at the start of the card.

        This line is in Sara’s writing.

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R' Dovid & Chaye Ides

R' Dovid & Chaye Ides




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