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Vienna 10 July 1939   ב"ה


My dear ones עמ"ש!  

I wrote to you yesterday in the presence of my friend. We have no idea at all what you cabled to London. We just assume that there is a lot of discussion about us which one cannot afford at the present time. For us too it would be better to be together with our dear children שי'. We are just very afraid, who knows whether this can be done in such a short time (we have been allowed until 25 July). If not, one can’t even imagine what ח"ו awaits us.  Has someone written to you from London anything about us?

I have something to add to yesterday’s letter.  I said צ' to her, as I had written to you. If in fact it costs not much less, you can tell Mr. Schwebel, who will approach you concerning this matter, that it has to be another י' , that means altogether ק' . It would still be a great מצווה for her.

I ask you my very dear ones, in case you have not already answered the letter, write to us soon.

Sending you our best heartfelt regards. We thank you for your great efforts and ask you to keep on working on our matter.

Kisses for dear Gitel ת',


Regards from Dudie נ"י.

It is a married couple.


        This refers to the letter of 9 July 1939 to Piniu and Gitel Mosel that is printed above.

        This Hebrew letter has a numerical value of 90 and is here a concealed reference to a sum of money.

        This Hebrew letter has a numerical value of 10.

        This Hebrew letter has a numerical value of 100.

        Mitzvah - a good deed.

        This is written upside down under the date at the beginning of the card.

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R' Dovid & Chaye Ides

R' Dovid & Chaye Ides


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