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Vienna 17 July 1939               ב"ה


My beloved, good Surale ת'!

I am sending you the pictures of dear Papa שליט"א. Did you obtain the health reports? If not, write and I will send you others.  I can[not] describe to you in what a state of anxiety we are living. I had expected that today a communication would indeed arrive from Uncle Piniu that he was unable to cancel the matter. Sadly we have no post at all from there. The time is steadily moving closer and I am very afraid to go and request an extension with empty hands. Is it perhaps possible to get some confirmation over there from the office where one submits the application that we will receive our permit soon? The application is altogether only worthwhile if the matter can be very much expedited. Please write in any case what you know concerning this matter?

What happened in the corset salon? I have to write to you about Bobrick. She asked 4 RM for your dress, 3 for the pleated one, which makes 7, and 6 RM for the blue coat.  The coat is very good.  I would just like to know already where we will get to. Last week I applied for a new tax clearance certificate. That was an indescribable amount of running around.

Today I received a card from Esti. She writes she is doing ב"ה fabulously, she cannot describe it. She advises us to go illegally. It looks as though someone dictated the card to her. I am writing at the Post Office, therefore Papa נ"י does not write.

Many kisses to you.  Regards to your dear people,    

Your Mama

No-one has complained to us about lack of money. Suri ת' only wrote to me that she received some from Aunt ת', and how she used it. I thought that Aunt ת' is herself not at home, etc.  Tuli נ"י already wrote to me in the previous letter that he does not lack anything, and Suri ת' also put us very much at ease.  Helene, nebich, certainly does not know that her father has already been in the ישיבה for almost 3 months. Her mother was also for 14 days… that is a great misfortune. He lives there on a morsel of bread and black coffee. השי"ת should already מרחם זיין .

Schewa Heschel is going to Eretz, and the second one to England as a domestic helper.  The Breuers are unfortunate in that the current certificates do not allow children to be taken along.  It can indeed be demanded of them, but where can they leave 10 children שיחי'. Who knows how long it might still take? She told me that if she could at least take along the 5 smallest, they would have decided to leave the other 5 for the time being. As it is, they don’t know what to do.

Aunt ת' has booked a ship for the 30th of this month, may it be with מזל .  Should our certificate arrive, we could travel a week later or even with the same ship.  Otherwise יו"ט will already be coming. Whichever way השי"ת5 leads, we can do nothing more.

Hearty kisses from

Your Mama


Lots of hearty greetings and kisses to dear Aunt ת'. I thank you very much for your dear letter. Jentale תח' adds a letter. אפשר you could after all buy the big מצוה of helping them to get a permit. They would be able to lay out the necessary funds for themselves from Palestine and would have something to live on without ח"ו becoming a burden to anyone.    Regards to all 



As I was writing the previous card, I said to Papa נ"י that Feigale ת' will see this card and will misunderstand why I write to her less. And correct, but now you know everything and remain my dear Fogerl ת'.





        A word that expresses feeling sorry for someone.

        Yeshiva.  Here a concealed reference to prison or concentration camp.

        Hashem Yisborach – G-d, may He be blessed.

        Merachem zein – have mercy.

        Daughter of R Avrohom Yehoshua Heschel, Rebbe of Kapitshinitz who went from Vienna to New York in 1939. She married R Aharon Dovid Flintenstein.  Their son, R Yitzchok Meir Flintenstein, is the present Rebbe of Kapitshinitz.

        Short for Eretz Yisroel – Palestine.

        Chane Hinde.

       Mazel – good luck.

       Yom tov – the festival [of Rosh Hashonoh].

       Efsher – perhaps.

       Mitzvah – good deed.

       Chas vesholom – Heaven forbid.

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R' Dovid & Chaye Ides

R' Dovid & Chaye Ides




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