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                                                            Vienna 20 July 1939 ב"ה

Dear precious children עמ"ש!

Many thanks for your dear letter. Following the telegram from Uncle Piniu נ"י that the certificate had been arranged, we received a detailed card yesterday from Aunt Gusti ת' that on Sunday the 9th of this month our certificate, entitled a rabbinic certificate, had been granted. We expect it בעה"ש to arrive here soon. It therefore makes no sense to send you the medical certificates. We would have to pay 6 Reichsmarks for them, which for us is now a fortune. Should there be any doubt within the circle of our relatives in London concerning the certificate, please write to me and I will indeed send the necessary things.  Can we not in the meantime make an application without this?

I am writing only to you because I am already so very much expecting the certificate and will only then write to everyone. Why do you write nothing about yourself?  Zwi נ"י has gone with the local Agudah to a holiday camp.

I will apply tomorrow for an extension and will include the telegram from Tel Aviv.

I have sold the bedroom for 60 Reichsmarks.  For now, I have taken a down-payment.

Inform the dear children about this postcard.

I kiss you all. Warm regards to the dear relatives. Regards from dear Papa. I am at the main post office.      


        The bedroom furniture.

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R' Dovid & Chaye Ides

R' Dovid & Chaye Ides




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