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Vienna 1 August 1939                    ב"ה 


My precious dear Surale ת'!

Many thanks for your dear letter. I am happy at your report that you are watching out for Tuli’s things and that he had his coat cleaned. It hurts me that you are so short of cash. Are you looking for work? I had written to you at the time that Luci Papenheim is working in an orthopaedic corset business. Did you look into whether that would also be something for you? What about the man who has a clothing production business? As soon as you know something please write to me?

How do you feel there with those people? Are they friendly to you? How long does Miss Hetti stay away?

We have the extension until the end of September ב"ה.

Uncle Piniu נ"י wrote today that our certificate will be sent out in a few days. I’ll believe it when I have it. He writes that Grosspapa’s will also arrive this week.

I’m still managing. This week I received 70 Reichsmarks from Zeide for living expenses. I hope we will not have to be here much longer. Concerning luggage, it has now become very bad, but I have already had it approved ב"ה together with the clearance.  I will knit the sleeves of the pullover once we are איה"ש on the journey. I want to give it to Aunt Gusti ת'.

    I kiss you                         

From Mama



I also send regards my dear child תחי'

Your father

Regards to the dear Simons family. Say it to them.



        This refers to a certificate that there are no outstanding taxes or the like.

        This is the same family as the Maranowitz family referred to in the letters of 30 April (see footnote there), 15 June, 25 June and 4 July 1939.  See also the letters of 11 August 1939 and 18 February and 26 March 1940 and Feige’s undated letter to Sara of around September 1939.  The father was called Simon and they sometimes used Simons as a surname.

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R' Dovid & Chaye Ides

R' Dovid & Chaye Ides


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