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Vienna 6 August 1939               ב"ה 

My precious dear Feigale תחי'!

Thank you for your dear card. Another week has gone by and we still don’t have the certificate. Grosspapa שליט"א will already be receiving it this week, G-d willing, since there has already been a telegram that it is on the way. Has an application been made for us over there?

My dear child I would very much like you to learn some Hebrew so that you can use your pen to earn some money in א"י . If you know only a little English and Hebrew, Uncle Piniu נ"י will already be able to arrange something for you. We have to see to it that you get to Palestine before you reach 18. I do not know how to advise you how to learn. Use every free moment for that purpose. Srul נ"י will also help you when he has time.

I am very concerned about פרנסה in Eretz1. First השי"ת should already help us, that we should be there לטובה , then He will also continue to help. He alone!

Heartiest kisses from

Your Mama


I thank you dear Surale ת' for your addition to the letter and the many acts of attentiveness towards my dear children.  יתן השם that we may help each other only in happiness.

Heartiest greetings and kisses

From Chajcie,

Have regards for Mrs. Goldflies been passed on through you?



I too send you all best regards     


Please send us the newspaper with the picture of Esti ת'!


        Eretz Yisroel – the land of Israel.

        Parnosoh – livelihood.

        Hashem Yisborach – G-d, may He be blessed.

        Letovoh – for the best, successfully.

        Yiten Hashem – may G-d grant.

        A friend from Vienna.  See letter of 15 June 1939.

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R' Dovid & Chaye Ides

R' Dovid & Chaye Ides





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