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Vienna 6 August 1939ב"ה

My beloved Surale תחי'!

I thank you for your letter. Why did you not give me an answer to all my questions? Do not be so upset about not yet earning money. It will happen, one must have patience.

Perhaps you could sell the bedspread there for a few pounds, that would be for a wig, and for yourself and Tuli a few shillings for fare money. Or ask Uncle Berl נ"י whether he could sell something small from his brother’s things so that you should have a few shillings until you earn money.

I’ll soon be finished with the wool; I sold it very cheaply. I brought it to the store of Duldner on Rabensteig, and Bluehbaum always buys from me. I don’t have much anymore. From the 70 Reichsmarks I paid the rent and the tax payment certificate cost me 30 Reichsmarks because I had to pay taxes, plus 5 Reichsmarks per person when collecting.  I also made a few for myself.  You need not worry now about us. In the short time that we will still be in Vienna, the Almighty will not forsake us. He is also our only hope for the future.

Please all of you write to Zwi נ"י.  His address is: Zwi Weinstock Bardejovske Kupele Uradnicky Domov 39.  All on one postcard is enough.  He will be happy. Otherwise you need not write anywhere until the festivals.

Grossmama praises Zwi נ"י very highly.    We are cooking well ב"ה. We regularly get meat from Nitra, and vegetables are also to be had.

Kisses from

Your Mama


I too send you best greetings.        

Your Father Dawid

Mrs. Goldflies asked me so I wrote to you about her.

Why no post from Tuli נ"י?


        A Slovakian holiday resort (about 200 miles from Nitra) where Zvi was at the Agudas Yisroel summer camp (he mentioned that he might go there in his letter from Nitra of 11 July 1939).

        A friend from Vienna. See letter of 15 June 1939.

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R' Dovid & Chaye Ides

R' Dovid & Chaye Ides




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