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Monday ב"ה


Darling Sara עמ"ש!

First of all many thanks for your dear letter.  I really think that you should write to family Simmons, if you haven’t done it yet, please do it, it’s duty in my opinion.

I hope you have written allready to the parents over that address you mention in your last letter.  That what you made out of a scarf is lovely.  As a matter of fact, somebody has shown me that on my journey to London, I have tried often, since, but I could’nt manage it.  Now, with your exact Anleitung, it’s easy.

I was worring about Ester, and I am glad now to hear, that you have got a letter from her.  Thanks for my pullover, you have done with it the same I did with the green one, but I have to whash it in any case.

You asked me about my korrespondens with my friends.  Well, all of them have written to me, and I did’nt answer.  If you ask me why, I’ll soon tell you, firstly I haven’t got patience, secondly I’ve not much of time, and because I haven’t written a such a long time, even before the war started, I do not know whom I shall write first, and, it’s funny, what I shall write, and so I seem to wait, till a better time is coming.

Tully phoned me up yesterday I think you know about that, but I’m afraid I’ve been in bed.  I catchd a cold.  I was lieing in bed today till lunch, and then I got up.  I feel better thank God.  Now I’m sitting in a comfortable armchair near the fireplace, holding that paper in my hand, I fancy that I need not tell you that, you can see it on my bad handwriting.  At any rate, may be he wants to tell me something, because he didn’t say enything  news to Guggi.  So you better ask him, and give him my love.  He shall write me a letter.  I’l send you your things as soon as I have an occasion. 

You wonder what I’m doing the hole day long.  Well I’ve got enought to do.  Guggi is staying in London in business, I’ve got to look after the baby, and I am also helping a little in the house, there is plenty of work, you may be sure.  Judith is very sweet indeed, and clever too.  That poor kid has also catch a cold.  You where asking whether I’ve got a knitting.  Yes I’m knitting on little knickers for baby.  Perhaps I’ll turn up soon in London for one day.  I’ve got a permission to go there when ever I want.  I could not have done that before.  I only had the permission to go no further then 5 miles.  I’ll see.  I’m not quite sure when that will be.  It dipense, you see.  I have not got to do important things in London after all.  I’m looking forward to see you all, especially the kiddies.  How are they going on?  I hope everything is all right.  Uncle told me you look O.K.  I said, glad to hear that.  Please do write me more about yourself.  You write a hole letter with gurnischt.  Write also English, even if you have such a lot of mistakes as I do, does not matter, I write if it would be German, that what’s coming in my mind just now I write it down.  It does not take more time than German or Yiddish, because I d’ont do what I really should, look in a dictionary or to ask wheter that what I write is right or not.  You may do it just the same.  (Du kannst ja in ein Wörterbuch schauen.)

I just want to finish that letter, when uncle come in, whis a letter holding in his hand, a letter from mother.  I think you can just imagine my surprise.  I can’t tell you wheter I’m glad or not.  Anyway I send you that letter.  But please be sure and send it back to me.  I think I wrote you that I have written to the parents seven weeks ago, to Kreisberg to Holland.  That’s the answer.  Now I am going to write to Mrs Schapira to Belgien and again to Kreisberg.

Do try to write where to ever you can.

I can’t think of enything else at the moment I could write to you.  Belive me I got headache from that letter, and funny, I wrote whis uncle together to Große Sperlg,  and not to us, and there is no word written from Grandfather or aunt.  The less I think about that the better.  There is no help.  I only hope the same mummy does, that we all will meet again soon.

Please answer soon.



My best love to all.


[In Yiddish:]

Wednesday ב"ה

Dear Beri נ"י

I would like to send £10 over to Pinyu נ"י and I ask you to request of your bank that we should be able to send it and write to me with the answer.  Yisroel נ"י will אי"ה be in London next week.

Best regards to all.

Zvi Weinstock


[On the back, Sara’s draft of her reply:]

Dear Fey עמ"ש

I don’t send you Mama’s letter back, because Tully did not see it.  I was very surprised with your dear letter and especially with Mama’s one.  But I wonder why dad didn’t write also any words.  I have not any answer from Antwerpen it is about 3 weeks ago since I did write to Fam. Shapierer.  I also did’t write to Switzerland for our parense.  Will you do this please.  The adress is: “Comité International de la Croix Rouge Geneve Switzerland.”

If you write a letter with the adress of our parense on it and don’t clossed it, then put the letter with a International Stamp in a second envelope with the adress what I did write you.

Tully told me that you was’t very well.  I hope you feel now better.

You wrote me that I write a letter with “gurnisch.”  Well I am sure this letter has also not “epes”.   Hir is nothing news, and everybody is all right.  I do every day nearly the them.  Tully was last night by me he is thang Gott all right.

I was this week by Rabb. Schönfeld and I meet there Mr. Weissmandel from Nitra.  He told me that he has post from Nitra through Ungarn, I think from the Rabbiner there, that they are sound.

I did read your letter now the second time, because the first one I was to “blem” I must say that it is a very good written letter.  Tully did not say anything to me about the telephone.  You did write to me that to did write to Holland, does’t matter the surprise is beger.  Marta and Marcel (Matsch and Schmensch) are lovely kiddies.




       The Maranowitz/Simons family with whom Sara lived when she first came but who left in or around early September 1939, following which Sara moved in with Berl and Rescha Weinstock.  See footnote to Chaye’s letter to Sara of 1 August 1939.


       Marta and Marcel Weinstock.


       You can indeed look in a dictionary.

       Chaye’s letter of 2 October 1939 was sent through the Kreisberg family.

       Herschel Weinstock.

       The address of Feige and Sara’s grandfather Reb Gershon and aunt Chane Hinde in Vienna.

       To Feige and Sara’s parents.

     Marjem Schapira who had escaped from Vienna to Antwerp and through whom post was sent, see the footnote to the letter of 3 November 1939.




     Rabbi Dr. Solomon Schonfeld.

     Probably a reference to Moshe Dovid Weissmandl, Rabbi Schonfeld’s right hand man and a younger brother of Rabbi Michoel Ber Weissmandl.

. Hungary.

. Rabbi.

. Safe.

. A word used by the children, usually in the form “blem blem”, to mean something like mixed up.

. It is unclear whether the word “not” appears here or is crossed out.

. Perhaps “to” should read “you”.

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