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c/o Dr. Wolstencroft

Rosehill Boxmoor Herts

19 September 1939 ב"ה


Dear Sara עמ"ש!

Many thanks for your letter.  I realy feel sorry for you, because of your troubles, but what am I to do about it?  I can just imagine you running from one Police station to the other to get your papers.  Have you got them allready or don’t you need them any more?  What about your job?  Why is oncel Berl against it?  What are you going to do?  What’s the matter whis Tully?  I wrote him twice and I didn’t get a answer.  I hope he is all right.  Please do tell him to write me immediately.  I have got a lovely letter from Ester last week, I think she wrote to you too.  I don’t know anything about Herschi.  How shall I know that?  What do you think about Poland?  Our relations and all the other peoples.  Oh it is terrible to think of that.  And whisout any post from Vienna.  Believe me, sometimes I am so unhappy, that I d’ont know what to do.  Such a lot of troubles.  That spoilt all my temper.

Now I’ll tell you something about us.  Generally we are 13 peoples.   Sometimes even more.  That house is realy very nice.  We have 8 bedrooms, and a beautiful big garden.  We are usually 8 womans, so that everybody has to do something but not to much.  You know, I have got plenty time for doing things what I like.  In the evening I mostly go for a little walk or listen to the wireless.  We had מנין here on יום טוב .  Boxmoor is realy a nice village.  Often it remembered me on Kobersdorf or Sauerbrunn.  Please d’ont show that letter to enybody, I am sure there are such a lot of fautes.  But I have no patience to look at the dictionary or something like that, and I have no mind to write german.

Let me hear from you as soon as possible.  How is everybody?

Remember me to oncle and aunti and give my love to the childrend.

Love and kisses,



       A Harley Street consultant (according to the Berkhampstead and Tring Gazette, 27 November 2014).

       Their brother Zvi.  He was still in Nitra with his grandparents.

       Minyan – a prayer quorum, service.

       Yom Tov – Jewish holiday, in this case Rosh Hashonoh, which, as noted in previous letters, took place on 14-15 September.

       Mistakes (in French).

       Berl and Rescha Weinstock.

       Marta and Marcel Weinstock.

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