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Saturday night, 4 November [1939] ב"ה


Greetings and all the best to my dear father שליט"א

I wrote to you last week, presumably you received it.  Likewise I received today your card of Wednesday of Vayeira and I was happy to hear that you are doing well. I have already told Dov נ"י to write to you, presumably he has. Please tell me how Chana Hinda תחי' is doing.

Your goods could not be sold until now because prices were low here, but now there is a chance to get better prices, but there are difficulties in sending money from here.

There is nothing new with us. It is about two months since we moved house to here, a few kilometers from the centre of London. Dov נ"י and his family have remained where they were in London, because in fact there is no concern there either. He is not doing substantial transactions because it is difficult to strike root here, but hopefully השי"ת will help.

His address is: B. Weinstock, 9 Queens Drive N4 London.

Your son who wishes you well with much love and looks forward to hearing and saying only the best,



I also greet my dear brother-in-law נ"י and my dear sister תח' .

Please let me know whether Seiger returned the rest of my goods and whether you have sent them back to me as I asked you.

Best greetings from me as well,



Greetings from me as well. We are still filled with happiness about the good news that you have arrived there, my dear grandfather. And may we hear good news in the future as well. There is no news of substance with us, as we are carrying on unchanged here in Boxmoor. I have been invited to speak at the synagogue in London next Shabbos (at a memorial for the events of last year).


With much love and greetings to all of you



Dear Grandfather

You cannot imagine how glad it made us when we knew that you have arrived safely in ארץ .  We had been worrying about you for weeks and are now happy in the knowledge that your life’s wish has been fulfilled.  Guggele and I now only hope that this war will soon be over so that we too can go to ,11ארץ it is also our life’s wish; and to see you again and to be able to show you your sweet beautiful granddaughter.  You will surely be delighted by her, most people who know you are of the opinion that she very much resembles you, hopefully she will also inherit your חן , then she would surely be one hundred per cent perfect.  My best wishes to you and the family.

Your Leo.


Most sincere regards also from me. You can imagine how very happy all of us are that you, dear Grosspapa עמ"ש, are at last in א"י .  Hopefully, we will all soon meet there. Until then בש"ט .



I too am very happy that dear Grosspapa is now in א'11.  Many greetings to all the dear ones from 



I am pleased to join your dear ones in saying to you, dear Grosspapa, how very happy I am for you that you have at last landed in Palestine.  I wish you with all my heart many more good years and greet you most sincerely. 




Dearest Beloved Zeide ש'

I cannot tell you how happy we were with the good news that you have already ב"ה arrived in Eretz. Leo and I wish so much to be able to visit you. Unfortunately, the present situation for travelling is not a favourable one.  So we have to bide our time.

I wish so much, dear Zeide, to introduce my daughter to you. She is ב"ה a very sweet and especially bright young lady. She is very well-behaved and always cheerful. She amuses the whole house. She is taking her first steps and trying to talk and doing all kinds of clever things. In addition, she looks very much like you, dear Grosspapa.

I can imagine how happy you dear Gu and you dear Piniu are to have dear Zeide ש', with you. I wish all of you all the best of everything.  Sincere regards and kisses.




       25 October 1939.

       R’ Gershon’s son Berl (Beri) Weinstock.


       Hashem Yisborach – G-d, may He be blessed.

       Herschel, brother of R’ Dovid.

       Piniu and Gitel Mosel.

       The transliteration is uncertain.

       Wife of Herschel (Zvi), whose letter appears above.

       A commemoration of the first anniversary of Kristallnacht.

     Weinstock (Srul/Srulek), son of Herschel (Zvi), whose letter appears above

     Eretz – the Land [of Israel].

     Chen – charm.

     Eretz Yisroel – the Land of Israel.

     Besuros tovos – [may we hear] good news.

     Mrs. Bertha Grodzinski (later Webber), mother of Leo Grahame.

     Short for Gusti (Gitel Mosel).

     Guggy Grahame.

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