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                                                                                  F.W. Rosehill                  ב"ה  

                                                                                      Boxmoor Herts Eng.

                                                                                           8 December 1939


My beloved Mama עמש! 

Through your letter written on 16 November I have learned of the horrible misfortune which has caused us such unspeakably great pain. At the time that I wrote the previous letters to you, I only knew of the arrest of dear Father ז"ל. But one came very soon after the other. It is the will of השי"ת . G-d is righteous. Even when we do not understand it. We are human beings and must accept our fate. Only with true trust in G-d and the belief that what He does is good, can one, in such a time as that in which we unfortunately now find ourselves, draw life’s breath.

Be strong, Mama, we are young and need a healthy, strong mother. Hope, hope with us, that a better time is coming. What has been taken from us can never be returned to us - in this world. But we all believe in משיח and in תחית המתים . But as long we are on this earth, it is our duty to want to live, and to construct our lives in the best manner possible to the extent that it is in our hands, and to thank השי"ת1 for everything. We had a good example in our dear father ז"ל. That is my conviction, and it is a comfort.

Dearest Mother, do not worry so needlessly concerning פרנסה . Sara and I will אי"ה very soon find work. Sara has already received several communications from Bloomsbury House that they have work for her and that she should notify them as soon as she has appeared before the tribunal. (Every foreigner must now do that here.  It is a kind of freedom of movement permit that one gets there. One has to wait one’s turn and, because of the large number of foreign applicants, this takes a long time.) I have already been “cleared” by the tribunal. I am now in contact with a corset factory concerning a position. Unfortunately I don’t as yet know anything for sure. In any case we have ב"ה good prospects. In the meantime we are receiving things from a lingerie factory to finish off at home. Until we have something better. Uncle and Srulek are happily prepared until then to advance us money for you, with which you will be able to manage well in א"י .  I would indeed also like to go as soon as possible toא"י 5 to you.  Hopefully we will all soon be reunited. Until then let us hear good news from each other.

Today I received your dear letter of 23 November from which I gather that you indeed know that Tulli found out about it right away from your card to Mrs. Schapira. But I did not know that he knows anything since I myself did not know anything and he told me nothing. Sara knows nothing.

I have a letter for you from Esterl which I will send at the next opportunity. Do not worry about us. We are all in good hands. I am living here with our family because of the war, near London, but are certainly soon going back to London. I want to stop now. Will write more next time. Please write soon. I am terribly worried about your journey.

I will also write again soon.

Many sincere kisses and greetings to all                   


PS   We will take care of the matter of the rebbetzen as quickly as possible.  The above-named.


Dear Aunt עמו"ש

Dear Feigale תחי' is writing to you, so I also want to add a few words.   השי"ת should sustain you and give you strength to survive. It is certainly not easy, but you must be strong for the sake of the dear children שיחיו. They are, without ע"ה , delightful. Feigale תחי' is truly a good, clever, capable person and we all love her very much. The same is also true of Sarale תחי'.  She is very talented. She has also taken good care of herself and looks very good ב"ה. They will אי"ה also certainly find suitable work soon, and meanwhile we will help them along a bit. So, in any case, you do not have to worry yourself about the future. Naftali נ"י is also happy in Yeshiva ב"ה. I have seen him several times recently. Let him continue to study Torah for now. Later we will אי"ה also think about a future for him. He is ב"ה also very talented in manual things and will, with G-d’s help, also make his way in the world. So, as I said before, you do not have to worry yourself. Just be strong and may G-d help you and all of us and have mercy on the Jewish people. Wishing you all the best,


                                                                                                                            עש"ק ב"ה

Dear Beloved Chajcie תחי' לאש"ט

I hope that this letter finds you already in Eretz Yisroel .  May G-d grant that your arrival will be in a fortuitous hour and that you should find a good opportunity of earning. May G-d make you happy so that you should be able to fulfil the needs of your good children as is your wish for yourself and as you deserve.  You should all soon be together and have everything good. May you live to see much more satisfaction from them.  They are all ב"ה very successful children, everyone who sees them is charmed and you have on that ground ב"ה reason to be very happy and to thank השי"ת9, and may He comfort you all.

Stay very healthy. I send you all very warm regards and kisses, your



I also send you my best regards. The pain is very great, and the harm is even greater. May the Father of orphans and Judge of widows save you from all the troubles of the Jews, and may you all find solace in the Holy Land, and may our complete redemption come soon.

Zvi Weinstock


        Hashem yisborach – G-d, may He be blessed.

        Moshiach – the Messiah.

        Techiyas hameisim- resurrection of the dead.

        Parnosoh – livelihood.

        Eretz Yisroel – the land of Israel.

        The death of R’ Dovid.

        See note to letter of 3 November 1939.

        Rebbetzen Hentschele Parnes, see footnote to the letter of 11 May 1939.

        Hashem Yisborach – G-d, may He be blessed.

       Ayin hora – evil eye.

       The land of Israel.

       Wife of R’ Zvi Weinstock (brother of R’ Dovid).

       Brother of R’ Dovid.

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