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[13 December 1939] ויגש. .פ   ד'  יום         ב"ה

F. Weinstock






Dear Mama עמ"ש!

I hope that you had a good trip and arrived safely. I am terribly worried. Please write as soon as possible. You have certainly received my airmail letter and the 2 pounds. Unfortunately, I can’t always write by airmail, because such a letter costs ten times as much as a regular one.

This week and last week I was in London at Aunt Reche’s. Uncle Berl and Sara are the only ones who know nothing of the passing of our dear father ז"ל. We will spare them for as long as possible. We hope with the help of השי"ת to get a job soon. It is unfortunately always the same because of Shabbos. Naftali נ"י is very good and learns diligently.  He has now gone to Bournemouth, a health resort near London. A certain Rabbi Schapira has a hotel there and has taken some boys there from the London Yeshiva.  It will be better for them there materially.

Rabbi Schapira knows our Nitra grandparents from Luhaschowitz.  Naftoli will write to you from there. I enclose a letter from Esterl ת' which she already sent me for forwarding a long time ago.  I will for the moment still write nothing to her.

Dear Mama, as you have quite rightly written, we should not mourn too much.  You too should not do so, because one should not.  It was the will of השי"ת1, and we must accept it. Suffering strengthens the character and gives the soul redoubled aspiration and strength.  We cannot fight against it and must let everything wash over us.  May it already be enough for השי"ת1 and may He from now on send us only good.  Let us leave the past behind.  Look with us, dear Mama, at a better time that is coming.  It is also our wish that we will soon see you and be able to be together with you.  Until then, may G-d help that we should only hear good news.

With sincere greetings and kisses also to all the relatives, be embraced most fervently, from



My dear Aunt עמ"ש

It is already a long time that I have had the wish to write to you and to tell you how much my heart is with you.  I couldn’t.  Yes there are words, but not to express what one really feels, and then what is written seems to be so insultingly poor and cold.  Especially when such a pain is still so fresh.  The time we are living in is so terrible, hard and cruel that it appears unbearable for a normal little human soul.  To exist today means to put one’s soul and heart out of service and to concentrate one’s efforts on direct activity.  Whoever cannot do that becomes unhappy with his life when he personally would still have so much reason not to be.  Dearest Aunt, I know what this profound loss means to you, can I find words of consolation for you?  People cannot console, it hurts even more.  Consolation comes from the one who gives everything and is G-d’s servant, time.

I see you in my mind already in Eretz and this thought makes me indescribably happy.  We await your first report from there with the greatest impatience.  Now I still have the iron wish for you and your dear children ש' that you will soon, very soon, be together.

2                                                                                                                              ב"ה

Only I write this with a heavy heart when I think that this means that Fay ת' must leave us.  But I don’t want to think about that at all in this connection. I only imagine how happy all of you will be, and then I am also happy. You certainly know that I have always had a soft spot for your children, but since dear Fay has been with us I have taken her much more into my heart. Not only I but all of us, and most especially Leo, love her very much. She is really most especially sensible and intelligent for her age and is admired for this by everyone. You would be amazed what an accomplished housewife she has become, how well she can clear up, wash and clean; and, which means even more, she is the only one I trust with my baby.  When she sometimes travels to London, then I stay at home. Otherwise, I travel, in particular to the business with Leo. - Now, one more thing: she is really a very religious, thoughtful person. I know what that means to you, and I am sure that you will be happy with her in this regard too. Unfortunately, I don’t see much of Sara ת' or Tully נ'. Sara was here with us once for a week and Tully for 2 days. They are both dear, clever young people and altogether I can tell you that you have in your children a great and valuable treasure for whose sake you can see great hope and prospects in a more beautiful and happy future.

         Be well, dear aunt, and let us hear from you soon.

                                     My most heartfelt greetings and kisses,  



Sincere regards from me also and all the best,



19 Park Place East,



November 16, 1939


Dear precious parents עמש  

I have heard that Fanny received post. I am doing very, very well. You should not worry.  How are you?  I hope that you will soon be going to Palestine. Dear G-d must send us all a great help.

I have had no post from you for seven weeks. You should not worry when you have no post.

Many regards 1,000,000,000,000 kisses.

Ester Weinstock


Dear Mrs. Schapiraעמש

I thank you very much for the letters that you have sent off to us.

Many regards and kisses,

Ester Weinstock


        Hashem yisborach – G-d, may He be blessed.

        About their father’s death.

        The land of Israel.


        Guggy Grahame.

        Weinstock, Guggy’s brother.

        Note that Feige writes that Ester had sent her this letter for forwarding a long time earlier.


        See note to letter of 3 November 1939.

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Ester Weinstock

Ester Weinstock

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