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Friday ויחי [22 December 1939]


My Dear Mama עמש!

It’s already been almost a month since you wrote to me that you will be leaving Vienna and I haven’t received another line from you. I think that you can imagine how worried I am, and so I ask you to write as soon as you can and to report as far as possible everything in detail. I have since then written two letters to you and sent once two and once four pounds. I hope that you received it.

Dearest Mama, how are you feeling in terms of health? I can imagine how much emotional and physical efforts you have gone through because in my thoughts I was and am always with you and for that reason I miss everything so much more because I always keep before my eyes what you are going through.  השי"ת should from now on send us only more good.

Things are ב"ה going well for us here. Ester ת' writes to us diligently. Naftoli has also already written to you from Bournemouth, where he is now, and things are going well for him. Sara ת' still doesn’t know anything. Please send the next letter again to Hill Rise 24, because we are again going back from here.

                                                                                 Sincere regards and kisses,


Fey Weinstock

Rosehill Boxmoor Herts



        Hashem yisborach – G-d, may He be blessed.

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