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Thursday לפ' תרומה, 8 February 1940


Dear Feige! תחי'

I have ב"ה received your letter. I am very happy with the news of Mama תחי' and that Zwi נ"י is there. I have already written there.

It would be much better if you could send Mama money rather than reply coupons, because she has nothing.  And if you have already written, then send the money afterwards, because Mama will surely need it. There is still time to pay the debt, it is not so important. Send me (2) two shillings, and when you have money in 4 weeks, then you will send me. For the moment, I don’t need more.

Sara must find out about it because she will anyway have to find out about it later, therefore it is better that you tell her it right away and also show her the letter.  Many regards from Naftoli


        This means finding out about R’ Dovid’s death.

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