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Kladowo 20 February 1940                  ב"ה


My very dear, good son נ"י!  

I was very happy to receive your letter and have a sign of life from you after so much time. I am especially happy that you are learning with Rabbi Schapira.  I was at his home in Vienna Im Werd 20 years ago.  I brought a package from his sister הרבנית Maniaת' .  Since that time much has changed, sad to say. Is the Rabbi there with his family? I respectfully request, למען המצוה , that the honoured Rabbi’s family watch over you. I am very much troubled by your being all alone. I ask of you, beloved son, to make every effort to go בדרך הטוב והישר. That is my entire hope. You should becomeבעה"ש  upright human beings.


I greet you heartily. Best regards to the worthy Rabbi Schapira family.    

From Mama

The address is the same as before.


[In Hebrew:] I too greet you with much love and thank you for the letter that you wrote to us as we were very happy to hear that you are well.  I wanted to write to you everything that I learned in Nitra but the page is too short to contain it.  Here on the boat it is impossible for me to learn because I have no books here.


I will end with a greeting and the blessing of all good things.  Your brother who greets you with heart and soul,  Zwi.




Weinstock 773 as before.

Horabonis – the Rebbetzen (wife of a Rabbi).

Lemaan hamitzvo – for the sake of the good deed.

Bederech hatov vehayoshor – in the good and straight way.

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Chaye Ides

Chaye Ides


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