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Kladovo   10 March 1940                                        ב"ה 


My precious sweet golden Feigale עמ"ש!   

I have just received the 2 pounds and, as I had already written to you, I had them sent back. I would only have received 430 dinar here and would have had to pay tax for the 2 pounds.  It is therefore better that you send it directly to א"י until I write to you from there בע"ה.  They were not able to send me anything from Belgium because the post office did not want to accept anything new. I do not know what they did with these things. Mrs. Gottesman wrote to me that she will send me only the small things that I had requested. She writes that she received your letter and the 2 pounds. She is sending them to me. I have not received anything yet.

I am already expecting a letter from you with great longing. Please, please write to me frequently. I already received post from all the children ב"ה, but Esterl ת' wrote only very little, only a few words on the entire card. I would like to receive post from all of you at least once a week.

Everything is still the same here. We do not know when we will travel. We would like to be in א"י2 at least by פסח .  How are all the loved ones in Eretz? Is dear Grosspapa in good health? Are they living together with Aunt Gusti ת'? I wrote a card via the address of Mizrachi Bank; hopefully I will receive a reply. I am curious as to whether my baggage arrived there safely.  Please send me pictures of everyone.

Many kisses to you, my precious children, as well as to all the dear the relatives.  Frieda Hacker who was with Aunt Recha is also here. She sends regards,                 



I also send you much greeting,




        Eretz Yisroel – the land of Israel

        Pesach - Passover

        R’ Gershon and Chana Hinde.

        Gitel Mosel, R’ Dovid’s sister.

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Chaye Ides

Chaye Ides


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