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Thursday קדושים [2 May 1940] Kladovo, Yugoslavia ב"ה


Greetings and all good wishes to my dear beloved uncle the Rabbi שליט"א and his dear wife ת'

You have certainly heard about my situation, and where I am now. I hoped at least by Passover to be in Eretz Yisroel. Unfortunately we now know nothing about when that will be. I wrote several times to my brother-in-law נ"י at the Mizrachi Bank and to my cousin Beila תחי' and have received no reply from them. I have not written to my father-in-law שליט"א directly because I don’t know if he already knows about the misfortune. But I was waiting for post from my sisters-in-law. Firstly how they are and secondly I am curious to know if my things have arrived safely. It’s true that after the great blow of fate I thought that I would need nothing anymore. But life [is] different. For as long as one lives, one needs what __________ . My dear ones, how is the health of my uncle the Rabbi שליט"א?  I often receive post from my dear parents שליט"א. They are unfortunately also in fear.  They have as yet been told nothing of my troubles.  Mircie ת' has spared them.  But they have enough. They get post from my dear brothers ב"ה, but things are, unfortunately, not going well for them. I get good reports ב"ה from my children שיחי' in London.  They are making a living ב"ה.   May I be worthy to see them again.  Many regards to all the relatives. My son נ"י sends his regards.  


Please, please send this card to my sister-in-law.  I send regards to all of them.


Weinstock 773 Kladovo  Czar Nikolai II Yugoslavia



       The land of Israel.

       Piniu Mosel.

       The death of his son R’ Dovid.

       Gitel Mosel and Chane Hinde Weinstock.

       Chaye’s sister Miriam Teitelbaum.

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Chaye Ides

Chaye Ides


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