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Kladovo 23 July 1940                    ב"ה


My very beloved precious children עמ"ש! 

I am making an attempt with these few lines, and hope that they will reach you. I am sure you received my telegram, as I received yours. I was happy with the brief communication, the people wished me מז"ט on it, but I am not at all put at ease because I know very little from it. It also hurt me because it was so expensive. With regard to money, it is not absolutely necessary. It’s not so simple today. If you could send it the way Mr. Kupfermann sent it here, that would be good; please ask him.

The word here was that you children are going to America; is that true? You should at all times try to send news about yourselves no matter how difficult it is wherever you are.  My head is literally drying out.

Have you news from Esti תחי'?  Do you see Tuli נ"י often? Are you all in your jobs as before?

Ach! If I could already experience the moment of seeing you my precious beloved sweethearts. I am ב"ה very pleased with Zwi נ"י. He is very much beloved here, he learns and teaches and ב"ה looks good.

We are told that if we have the possibility of continuing our journey, we will all receive certificates. For the time being there is no talk of moving. In case you are able to speak with a certain Rosenblueth - he’s supposed to be a macher with emigrant certificates – אפשר he can do something about a certificate for us. Did you receive my Yiddish letter of mid-June? The last I received from you was of 3 June.

Heartiest kisses. May God guard you from all evil and make you happy. Many hearty regards and kisses to the dear relatives שיחי'. Please write to me about each individually how you are doing.    

Your Mama

If you give your letter to Mrs. Pluznik, she will send it to her parents. They are in Kladovo.

Best regards to the dear Pluznik family שיחי'.  I take the liberty of asking you to show this note to my children שיחי' if the possibility exists. They live in לאנדאן N.W.11 Hill Rise 24 and their name is Weinstock. It is a big מצוה .

Ch. Weinstock


        To write via the Pluznik family in Zurich.

        Mazel tov. As mentioned lower down, the last letter she had had before that was of 3 June.

        He had lived above the Weinstocks’ flat in Vienna.

        Someone important, an organiser.

        Efsher – perhaps.

        She lived in Zurich.


        Mitzvah – good deed.

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Chaye Ides

Chaye Ides


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