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Kladovo 16 August 1940       ב"ה     


My precious children of my heart, my everything!

I hope that these lines reach you, whereby I inform you that we are still here. We are, ב"ה, not doing badly. I wish for myself only some news from you, my ardently beloved children שיחי'. Please see to it that Esti ת' also writes to me. I received your telegram. Try to reply by the same route by which you receive this letter.

Ach! If only I could embrace you once more; I can hardly endure the longing for you. I assume that it will be a long time before you receive this letter, therefore I wish you already now a very good and happy New Year. Please write to me everything, and everybody should add to your letter.

I embrace you and kiss you all most warmly,  

Your Mutti

Heartiest regards and kisses to all the loved ones.


Many Greetings and kisses from


P. Neurath

574 Bedford Avenue

Brooklyn, N.Y.


Feige Weinstock

London N.W.11 Hill Rise 24


Esti Weinstock Sunderland

19 Park Place East

Please address it to wherever it appears to you that it will arrive quicker



        Rosh Hashanah took place on 3-4 October that year.

        This name and address are written on the back of the letter in another hand.  They are those of Paul (Chaim Yisroel) Neurath.  He and/or and his wife Sali (Sara, née Turkel), who had escaped from Vienna and gone to England and from there to New York, are also referred to in the letters of 22 October 1940, 24 November 1940, 8 December 1940 (telegram), 23 December 1940 (see notes 11 and 12 to that letter), the letter postmarked Cardiff 14 February 1941, 9 February 1941 and 16 March 1941 as being people through whom Chaye and her children sent correspondence to each other.

        These addresses and note are written on the back in faint pencil in what appears to be yet another hand.

The Original Text

                                                               Kladovo am 16 VIII 40        BH


Meine teueren Herzenskinder mein Alles !


Ich hoffe dass Euch diese Zeilen erreichen somit teile Euch mit dass wir noch immer hier sind. Es geht uns  ב"ה     nicht schlecht.Ich wuensche mir nur eine Nachricht  von Euch meine Heissgeliebten Kinder.[Hebrew] Bitte veranlasst dass mir die Esti auch schreibt.

Euer Telegram habe  seinerzeit erhalten   Versuchet auf der selben Weise wie Ihr den Brief  bekommt auch zu antworten.

Ach! Koente ich Euch noch einmal umarmen Ich halte es schon kaum aus vor Sehensucht.   Ich nehme an es wird lange dauern bis Ihr den Brief bekommt.  Deshalb wuensche ich Euch schon jetzt ein recht gutes,glueckliches neue Jahr. Bitte schreibt mir alles, und jeder soll mir zuschreiben

Seit umarmt und herzlichst gekuesst von Eurer Mutti


Die herzlichsten Gruess und Kuesse an alle Lieben


Viele Gruess und kuesse von Zwi


P. Neurath, 574, Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn N.Y.



 (Children of my heart)

(What’s a nice English word for “Herzenskinder ???) 

OK 29.5.13.

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Chaye Ides

Chaye Ides


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