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Sabac   22 October 1940 ב"ה


Dear Children, my everything in the world עמ"ש,

I hope that these lines will reach you.  I [beg] you to write to me by the same route in detail about how you all are.  Except for the 2 telegrams, I have had no news from you since June. Rosel Neurath ת' also tried through her brother to obtain for me some news of you. Unfortunately, I have so far received nothing.  Things are going ב"ה quite well for us here.  Write to me about how Tully נ"י and Esterl תחי' are.  How are the dear relatives שיח'?  I send everyone sincere regards. I kiss you most ardently,

Your Mama


Heartiest greeting to the honoured Mrs. Feuer תחי'!

Please take the מצוה to send these few lines to my dear children שיחי'.

Weinstock London N.W. 11 Hill Rise 24.


        The word “bitte” appears to have been omitted by mistake.

        See the letters of 16 August 1940 note 1 and 23 December 1940 notes 11 and 12 regarding these people.

        Mitzvah – good deed.

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Chaye Ides

Chaye Ides


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