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Chaje  Weinstock   Sabac

Zanadlejska 3     Yugoslavija

Sabac 3 November 1940                                                                     ב"ה


My very dear niece and nephew, together with the dear children שיחי',

Dearest Beilcie תחי'', I thank you very much for your dear postcard, also for the trouble you took to visit my dear sisters-in-law שיחי'.  I am very happy that they have ב"ה had post from London and that my Feigale תחי' added something. Unfortunately, I receive no letters, except before the holidays I ב"ה had a telegram that ב"ה everyone is well.  May השי"ת continue to protect them from everything bad.  May I yet merit to see them in good health.

Regarding sending me money, I thank you kindly. I don’t need any. I have ב"ה what I need. If only my heart were not so embittered and broken. Obviously, this is what I deserve.

I do ב"ה get regular post from Nitra. Conditions there are also not rosy. The wickedness is also felt very well there. Mirche תחי' has, with no evil eye, golden children, long may they live, 3 boys and one girl שיחי'.  My brother’s daughter Sara from Muszyn is their bride. One can no longer keep a servant וד"ל .

The grandparents  had a rest over the summer. They were in Trentschin at the spa. They still don’t know about my troubles. Does my father-in-law שליט"א know? Have you seen him? How does he look?  Please, do you know if my things must be paid for?  How much? Do you also receive post from Wolfcie נ"י? Where is he? I don’t write to anyone, because I am much too embittered. Only what I find out from Nitra. I do not know if they have heard about my misfortune or not. Please, my dear child, write to me again.  Please give the enclosed letter from Gottesman’s children to my sisters-in-law.

Give everyone my sincerest regards.  And please, if any post comes from England, write to me to restore my soul. If there is an opportunity to apply for a certificate, please do not miss it. Perhaps Rabbi Herzog will want to make good his failing to an unfortunate person and take up my case.  My documents and recommendations are already in his office.  Please ask my dear brother-in-law about this.  I kiss you many times, and send regards to your dear husband and children שיחי'.

Your Aunt Chajcie

Zwi נ"י sends everyone his best regards.

I send regards to my uncle the Rabbi שליט"א and his family and all the relatives. Do you often get together with them?



       Bella Rapaport (daughter of Chaye’s brother R Yechiel Zvi Ber of Hussakow) and her husband Moshe.

       Chana Hinda Horowitz and Gitel Mosel.

       Hashem Yisborach – G-d, may He be blessed.

       This could also mean daughter-in-law.  It cannot be meant literally as Mirche’s children were too young.  It may mean that Sara was helping with the children as it was no longer possible to have a non-Jewish maid.

       Vedai lemevin – and that is enough for someone who understands.

       Chaye’s parents.

       Trencin, Slovakia.

       Piniu Mosel.

       Rabbi Pinchas Lieberman.

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Chaye Ides

Chaye Ides


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