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Sabac 5 December 1940    ב"ה


Dearest Beilcie תחי' as well as your good husband שליט"א!

I must inform you that, at the last moment, our journey was blocked. For 4 weeks we went through a game of nerves. We were put off from one day to the next. On the 2nd of this month it was already confirmed that the next day we would embark. At the last moment, the Yugoslavian government refused to let its ship leave the country. So we once again remain here. Surely it is for the best like this. Things for us are ב"ה not bad here. Today ב"ה I received a long telegram from my children שיחי' with 50 words of paid reply.  Please, dear Beilcie, be so good as to inform my dear sisters-in-law that we did not go, because I asked them to let my children know that we were on our way. Now they must refrain from doing this. Please tell them that I request that they ask them to write to me. Did you pass on the letter from Gottesmann?  I kiss you together with the dear children.  Regards to your dear husband. 


Zwi נ"י sends everyone regards.

Regards to my dear sisters-in-law and to all the relatives.


       The reply is Chaye’s telegram received in Letchworth on 8 December 1940, which is indeed a little under 50 words long.

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Chaye Ides

Chaye Ides


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