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23 December 1940       ב"ה 


My sweet, beloved above all, children שיחי'!

I received your letter of 19 September only yesterday, together with the two reply forms. Such joy is impossible to describe. My tears of joy ran nonstop. Praised be the Almighty that all of you are ב"ה doing well. May He continue to shield you from all evil. I received no such telegram in which you mentioned that our things have arrived. Aunt Hinde ת' wrote that to me herself.

I have only received 3 telegrams, that is, one to Kladovo, a second containing New Year wishes forwarded to me to Sabac, and the third sent here in which you paid for 50 words. Of course I immediately answered all three and was extremely happy, except that I was sorry that you spent so much money.

Zwi נ"י has had a certificate for several months, like all those between the ages of 15–17, the so-called “Jual.” Nevertheless, at the beginning of December we were supposed to resume our journey, I would have taken him along and not let him wait until there would be a possibility for the holders of a certificate to travel.

We had already sent our things to a collection site, and at the last moment before departure, the transport was called off because of the danger of our becoming ice-bound. Hopefully we will be able to move on in the spring.  May the Almighty, by that time, bring שלום to the world.

My longing for you, children of my heart, is indescribably great.

Aunt Hinde ת' writes to me that you have already been in Letchworth for several months. Can you get to work from there? We are doing quite well here ב"ה.  Should Zwiנ"י   have the possibility of travelling, I obviously would not stand in his way. In no circumstances would I want to leave him here alone. A lot of people have certificates and are only waiting for Turkish visas. Try to request of Uncle Piniu נ"י, אפשר it is after all possible to do something for me about a certificate?

The aunts שיחי' told my niece Beile ת' that they would like to send me money and that I should write in what manner to send it. Naturally I refused. I do not need any ב"ה. From where do they have money there?  Is anyone sending them from London or does Piniu נ"י maintain Grossvatter נ"י and Aunt Hinde ת'? I see they have a new address; I assume they are living together.

You write to me, my beloved Feigale, that you had written to me that I should apply for a certificate for Zwi נ"י because....  I did not receive such a letter or telegram. I have received all of your cards that were written up to the end of July, but only three months later. Please write often to wherever you can, to the USA, to Eretz and to Switzerland. When you write, it does arrive.  Chajcie’s address is now: Sabac Zanatlijska 3 Jugoslavija.

I am surprised that Esti תחי' does not write. Mrs. Kupferman wrote to me from the USA that she had spoken with you before her departure. Please write to her; she writes to her aunt here in any case.

I frequently receive ב"ה news from my dear parentsשליט"א , and they also send me reports about my dear brothers שיחי'. The Hussakower is doing quite well ב"ה. But the two others who are under the רשע are nebich doing very badly. The Muszyner had to clear out of his home because the whole area had to be free of Jews since it is border territory. They are now in Neu-Sandec. Whatever כשר food is possible is sent there from here. They also send to them from Nitra. The oldest daughter of the Muszyner brother is in Nitra.

Rosel Neurath Dr. Engelsrath wrote to you via the USA three months ago to Sali, did you receive it?

I kiss you sincerely. Regards and kisses to all the loved ones


Please look after my children שיחי' in every way


Very honoured and dear Mrs. Pluznik תחי',

I envy you the great mitzvah and thank you sincerely for your efforts. The Almighty should reward you for this.  May you experience great joy from your dear children שיחי'.

With heartfelt regards, 

Chaje Weinstock


Weinstock לאנדאן   NW 11 Hill Rise 24

I thank dear Srulek נ"י very much for his added words and ask him to do so again.  How are all of you?  I heard you are now all together.

Richard Haas for Kupfermann     250 Ocean Parkway   Brooklyn, New York



   That letter is apparently the one referred to again near the start of the letter of 16 January 1941.

        Of paid reply, see the letter of 5 December 1940.  The telegram of reply is stamped 8 December 1940.

        Jugend Alijah (Youth Aliyah).

        Shalom – peace.

        Efsher – perhaps.

        Chaye’s brother R’ Yechiel Zvi, Rabbi of Hussakow.

        Chaye’s other two brothers, R’ Naftoli, Rabbi of Muszyn, and R’ Zanvil, Rabbi of Makow.

        Rosho – evil one.

        Sadly, unfortunately.


       Rosel Neurath was Esti’s class teacher. After she married Dr Milan (Menachem Shlomo) Engelsrath she was known as Frau Dr. Engelsrath or Dr. Engelsrath.  They escaped from Vienna and (apparently after internment in Italy until August 1942) reached New York where Rosel became a well-known Beis Yakov teacher in Williamsburg.  It is not clear where Rosel was at the time referred to in this letter.

       Sali (née Turkel) who married her friend Rosel’s brother Paul Neurath on 30 September 1938.  See also the letter of 16 August 1940 note 1 regarding the Neuraths and the Engelsraths.

       Some letters were forwarded from Pluznik in Zurich.


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