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[Cardiff postmark 14 February 1941]



My ardently beloved, dear children עמ"ש and my very dear all עמ"ש

I have just received your letter of 30 October 1940 by way of Mrs. Dr. Engelsrath. Praise השי"ת that I have heard from you once again.  I am exceptionally happy that all of you are together and also ב"ה feel well. 2 weeks ago I wrote you an airmail letter direct from here. I hope that you received it. In order to economise, we are writing a combined letter, so that it costs each one less. Everyone does this here.  We have ב"ה what we need here, and it is quiet. We can ב"ה move around freely.

How are Uncle Herschel and Berl נ"י?  Can you visit them, are they far from you? How do you have money to live, and the dear aunts שיחי'? Does Yisroel נ"י earn a living? You ought to describe to me your life there in a bit more detail.  In a few days I will איה"ש write to you via Mrs. Dr. Engelsrath. The letter goes to a woman whose daughter is here. They receive a quick reply through Romania.

Please try to write to Schreiber at Seret. Enclose reply coupons and give them my address. Weinstock, Sabac 3 Zanatlijska is my address. It will arrive more quickly from there.

Ask dear Tully נ"י to learn Gemoro and שלחן ערוך diligently. Zwi נ"י is learning.  May I only still merit to see you my beloved ones.  How are your chilblains, dear Feigale, better? Or are you suffering a lot?  How does Gusti ת' look? Is Yehudis already a sensible young lady? Do you go there often? I kiss all of you together from my heart and may you all be protected from everything that is bad. Please compete with each other who can describe to me more and in greater detail all about you?  So far, dear Surale ת' has done it.

Once again greeting and kissing everyone, also dear Gusti תחי' and her family and the Grodzinski family. 

Your Mama

Please write English. We can read it well.



I was very glad to read that letter learning that you all are together. How are you getting on there?  Tully write me please. What part of the רמב"ם do you learn?

                                                                                                             Kind regards to you all,

Yours truly, Zwi



33 Cathedral Rd


Dear Miss Weinstock עמ"ש

I received a letter from my sister and she asked me to forward the enclosed letter from your mother.

You can send a letter to me & I shall send it to my sister.

Kindest regards

Elli Schmahl


       See the letters of 16 August 1940 note 1 and 23 December 1940 notes 11 and 12.

       Frima Schreiber, R Dovid’s sister.


       Shulchon Oruch - the Code of Jewish Law.

       Guggy Grahame.

       Leo Grahame’s family.

       Rambam – the legal code of Maimonides.      

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Chaye Ides

Chaye Ides


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