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31 July 1941ב"ה


Dear Herschi נ"י

We received your dear letter and postcard. I am working in a diamond polisching workschop. I hope to learn it quickly. I am living about 12 miles from London. I would like to come to Palastine as soon as I can after the war is over. We got everything wi need here. I work 5 days a week, 9 ours a day. 

With many regards,



Dearest Herschi עמ"ש

We were really very pleased with your dear letter, and also we were so surprised at your good English. Do you also speak so well? Please write to us in detail how dearest Mama  ת'looked when you left her. How did Mama ת' feel healthwise? Have you any photos of Mama ת' or of yourself, please send them to me. We will also send you some. I work in a factory 20 min. from here by train (corset-making). Please write if you have heard anything from NITRA and if Mama can get any news from them. How did it go there when you left her. Please write very often.

May the Almighty grant that we should soon meet again in good health and in peace.

Greetings and kisses and wishing you good luck,


Regards to all of the famile and my love to them.

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