Sabac 6 December 1941


My fervently beloved sweet dear Esterl,

It’s been a long time since I have had any sign of life from either you or my other precious children. I am fading away with longing for you all.  I am thank G-d healthy. I am working and earn what I require for my modest life.

I await news from you all daily. The people here receive news from everywhere via the Red Cross, only I hear nothing from you. I do not hear anything from Zwi either.

How are you doing my dear little Esterl?  Do you diligently think of your abandoned Mutti?  Oh, if I could only embrace you my beloved children!

Inform the other children – they should be well – I do not have their addresses. Try to answer me through the same route.  Write frequently by all different routes so that I finally have some news from you.

I kiss you, as well as the other children, most heartily.

Your Mutti

Best regards to the dear relatives, also heartiest regards to the dear Shochet family.


On the back:

Many heartfelt greetings to the unknown benefactor. Help an unfortunate mother, and G-d will help you.



        This letter is the only one from Chaye written after the German occupation of Yugoslavia began in April 1941 to have survived.  At this time she was still in Sabac, from where the surviving women and children were moved to the concentration camp at Sajmiste (Semlin) in Belgrade on 26th January 1942.  Zvi mentions in his letter of 1st March 1942 that he had also recently received a letter from his mother.

        The family with whom Ester was staying.

The Original Text

 40 12.06.                                                  German transliteration   411206


                                                          Sabac am 6.XII .41


Mein heissgeliebtes suesses Esterl leben.


Schon sehr lange habe weder von Dir noch von meinen teueren anderen Kinder ein Lebenszeichen. Ich vergehe vor Sehnsucht nach Euch. Ich bin Gottlob gesund. Ich arbeite u. verdiene was ich fuer meinen bescheidenen Leben brauche. Ich warte taeglich Nachricht von Euch. Die Leute bekommen durch das Rote Kreuz Nachricht von ueberall, nur ich hoere nichts von Euch. Auch vom Zwi hoere ich nichts.

Was machst Du mein kleines gutes Esterl?  Denkst Du fleissig an Deine   verlassene Mutti? Ach,  wenn ich Euch meine geliebten Kinder umarmen koente! Verstaendige die anderen Kinder – sollen leben- ich habe keine Adresse von ihnen. Versucht mir auf dem selben Wege zu antworten. Schreibt oft auf alle wege damit ich endlich Nachricht von Euch habe.

Kuesse Dich, sowie die anderen Kinder herzlich

                                                                                               Euere Mutti

Viele Gruesse an die lieben Verwandten,  auch die liebe Familie Shochet gruesse ich herzlich


(Viele herzliche Gruesse an den unbekanten Wohltaeter helfen Sie einer ungluecklichen Mutter u. Gott wird Ihnen helfen).


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Chaye Ides

Chaye Ides