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Tuesday of מקץ, 16 December 1941 ב"ה


Dear and sweet Zwi נ"י

I received your letter that you included with the letter from the Aunts תחי' and I was very happy to hear that you are satisfied there. There is nothing new here, we are all ב"ה healthy and well here and waiting daily for general salvation and true peace. Naftali נ"י is working in a factory polishing precious stones and supports himself adequately. This is an easy and clean job, with good potential for the future. Feige תחי' works as a saleswoman in a bakery and finds satisfaction in that. Sara תחי' is about to get married in a few weeks with her chosen mate Mr. Chaim Schreiber נ"י. He is from Poland, from the city of Lemberg, and lived some years in Vienna and regularly visits our home. He is a very fine young man, an expert artisan in carpentry and in making various pictures from different kinds of wood in a variety of colours. The pictures are sold here at a special display at high prices. My son Yisroel נ"י is involved in his rabbinic practice in London and his community can’t get enough of him and enjoys him immensely. I and Berl נ"י are involved in our business and earn enough to support ourselves. My granddaughter Yehudis תחי' “is sweeter than honey from the comb, than any taste,” the light of our lives, the length of our days, and we are absorbed with her day and night. Please write to me how you are, your full schedule, if you are also learning a craft from which you can support yourself in the future, and if you have what you need there and are not lacking anything. Another time I will write to you more, but that is enough for now.

Your loving uncle,

Zvi Gefen



       A play on the name Zwi using words from the Aramaic poem Akdomus that is said on the festival of Shovuos.

       Judy Grahame.

       Herschel Weinstock.

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