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1 March 1942 ב"ה


Dear sisters and brother עמ"ש 

First I want to gratulate you dear Sara תח' on your engagement and on your marriage, that probably took place already. I send you my best wishes and blessings.  השי"ת should give you with your חתן Chajim נ"י a very happy future as you wish yourselves. I wrote to dear mother תח' about your marrige, by the red cross. Should only this war be over and we all should be able to live together soon. I should be very glad if you would send me any picture of you all, and perhaps of החתן Chajim נ"י too. I have not got any picture of myself momentary; perhaps I’ll send you next time someone.

This week I have got a letter from Letchworth. I was very glad to see the letters of dear Ester תח' and of uncle Herschel נ"י.  Please send them my best compliments and thanks.

How are you all? Has Tully already learnt something at the diamon-polishing? How is Fey ת' getting on? How is Srulek נ"י satisfide with his position? As to myself, I am here getting on at learning very well. I am working in the kitchen-garden now.  It is now the beginning of spring – the plant season. Now the warm winds (חַמְסִינִים) start blowing and it is very hot and sultry. I suppose that you recieved my last letter I wrote to you the letter I got from dear mother תח'. 

With many kind regards to you all from all relation, and a merry Purim

Yours affectionately brother




This moment I got a letter from dear Fay תח' from Letchworth. I wonder why she did not write anything about you and about her herself. Has she moved from Potters-Bar?  Please send her my best compliments! I’ll אי"ה write her seperately.





        Hashem Yisborach – G-d, may He be blessed.

        Choson – groom.

        He-choson – the groom.

        Ha-nal – abbreviation for “the aforementioned”.

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