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14 May 1942 ב"ה


Dear Zwi עמ"ש!

The last letter we received from you was dated the begining of March.  I hope you have written since.  I was very pleased to hear that you are keeping well, and that you like it there. 

Also we keep on writing through the Red X to Jugoslavia, to our dear mother.  I am sorry to say we haven’t heard anything for month.  השי"ת should help we should all be able to be together soon.  I am very worried at times, but worring about a thing does not help, we must pray to השי"ת1 and have faith in him, and hope that everything will turn out for the best.

You were complaining in your last letter about me not writing enough about myself.  Well, there is not much really.  I suppose you know that my occupation is being a manageresse in on of the Grodsinski shops.  I earn £3 a week.  Though living in Letchworth and having to travel up to London every day my fare-money amounts to rather a lot.  I also pay towards the household, but still on must be satisfied, and so I am.  On the hole I manage nicely.  There is allways a lot of do in my spare time.  I read quite a lot.  Sundays or sometimes in the evening I go out with friends or with Sara and Chaim, or Tully to the pictures or to see a good play, or listen to a concert.  Now that the days are getting nearer towards summer, I’ll probably go swimming and play tennis. 

Last week I took a day of during the week and went to the shopping-centre of London the West-End (Oxford Street, Piccadilly Circus a.s.o).  I had to get a number of things for myself, and afterwards I went to see Tully, to the place where he works.  I had never been there before, being right the other side of London, too much a distance.  Anyway I had not seen him for some time, so I thought I might as well pop up there.  He works in a big building right opposite the diamond-club where Onkel Herschel and Onkel Berl are spending their time all day.  He was surprised to see me, I talked to him for about ½ hour. He happened to be very busy.  He is cutting diamond on his own now, and he will be making quite a lot of money soon.  He likes his work and that is the main thing.  I gave him your last letter and he said he will write to you soon.  I will speak to him on the phone soon and I’ll ask him wether he has done so. 

Sara and Chaim are getting on very well.  Thank G-d they are very happy.  I guess Sara wrote to you about herself all ther is to write.  Anyway they live in a nice flat near were Chaim works.  Sometimes I come there and stay over night.  That’s about ¾ of an hour from were I work.  In Letchworth everybody i ב"ה all right.  I live together with Tante Sara, Onkel Herschel, Leo, Gugi, Judith and Ester. Recha, Beri and the children live about 20 mins walk from us, and the Grodsinksi familie lives opposite them.  Through the war a lot of people are evacuated to Letchworth, most of them Jews.  As a matter of fact it is supposed to be the most orthodox community amongst all the other places where people went to because of all the bombs having been in London.  Isrolek comes to see us once a week.  He is getting on all right with his new job.  Ester has a lot to learn in school, and does not get much spare time.  She is getting on very well and sends her regards to you and so do all the other relations.  Please write more next time, about yourself and the other dear ones. 

It is very late now I have to stop, otherwise I won’t be able to get up to-morrow, to catch my train.  Forgive me for my writing.  I hope you will be able to read it, as you can see I am in a hurry.

Keep well and do let us hear from you soon.

Your sister


Remember me to all.  So long.

I found these two snaps.  I hope you’ll like them.



Zwi my dear,

I am taking this opportunity to write you. Everything is as normal with us and all the details have already been written to you by your sister תח'. Please write to me your daily schedule and whether you are happy there.

Your uncle who wishes you well,

Zvi Gefen



       Hashem Yisborach – G-d, may He be blessed.

       and so on.

        Herschel Weinstock.

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