23 November 1942


My dear brother עמ"ש!

Last week I received your tiped letter from 21 Oct.  I have told the others to write to you, and they promised to do so.  Sara is very busy with her flat and a husband to look after, and as you probably know with preparations for the baby, witch ב"ה all being well she is expecting to come along in January.  (Won’t you feel important being an uncle?).  Tully is getting on well and making quite a lot of money.  Ester is working hard in school.  What wouldn’t we give to have our dear mother with us, but unfortunately there is nothing we can do about it for now exept hope for the best.  All the others are ב"ה keeping well.  Write soon again, I will as well.  Regards to everybody.




23 November 1942

Dear Herschi עמ"ש!

I have just found an other form so I’ll write a little more.  I am pleased to hear you are getting on well with your studies.  I think it is a very good idea to spend some of your time learning in a Yeschiwa.  Please allways keep me informed about what you are doing, details, and everything.  Send me that photo you promised, I’m dying to see what you actually look like.

The news seems better these days.  It cheers us up a bit, and helps us to look forward hopefully to a better, happier future.  So long for now.  I am looking ahead to receive your letters.

Keep well.



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