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25 November 1942 ב"ה


Dear Zwi עמ"ש!

The day before yesterday I send two airgraph letters off to you.  I suppose you will have got them by now.  It just happens to be my lunch hour now.  It is very foggy out and I do not fancy leaving my warm little office, where I usually spend my time, if I am not in the shop.  I have just had a phone call from Tully, we have arranged to meet to morrow after buisness to go out together.  As it happens I have not seen him for some weeks, what with him living in London and me in Letchworth.  Whenever I go out in London I don’t bother to go back to Letchworth in the evenings because that makes it very late for me.  I just stay with Sara and Chaim, they have got plenty room to put me up, and it makes a change for me too.  Thats what I intend to do to morrow, by the way.

You might have heard trough the aunts, that uncle Herschel and Tante Sara have taken a house in London, near where we originally used to live, where Isrolek has got his job now.


3rd December

As you can see I have had to interrupt my letter to you, and quite a few days have passed before I have had a chance to continue.  Anyway here I am again.  The reason why I am not writing airgraph is because I am sending you £1.0.0 as a little birthday gift.  Buy yourself whatever you like.  I suppose I am a bit late, but better late than never.

We still have not heard anything from our dear mother.  השי"ת should help we should all be together soon in Freuden.  Please write soon and d’ont forget to send your photo.

Best wishes and lots of love,


Excuse my writing but I am in a hurry as usual.


       Hashem Yisborach – G-d, may He be blessed.


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