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12 May 1943


My beloved brother and sisters עמ"ש!

I have not received any message from you for a long time and I very concerned as to the meaning of this extended silence. Aunts Chana Hinda and Gitel שיח' have also not received any letter from you since December. So I am strongly requesting of you, in the name of our aunts, that as soon as you receive this letter that you send back a photo-letter, and that everyone from the family שיח' write a few words in it too.

When I received the telegram from Feige תח', I was shocked that you had not received any of the letters I sent you recently. I hope that in the interim you have received the letter from Aunt Gitel and Pinchas שיח' from the fifth day of Chol Hamoed of Passover, in which I also added a few words when I visited there during the holiday. From that letter, and also from the previous letter that you surely received from there, you were able to see what Pinyu and Gitel שיח' think about my future. They are fully in agreement with regard to my plans, that I want to study agriculture at the university, and especially if I will have the possibility of learning at Yeshivat Chevron along with my university studies.

Aunt Chane Hinde תח' also agrees that I should study at the university; however, she thinks I should nevertheless learn at the Yeshiva for one year first. I for my own part would indeed be keen to learn in Yeshiva, but nonetheless I decided to follow immediately the approach of “He who fears Heaven fulfills both,” for in days such as these I do not think it is sensible to defer plans for years.

We shall remain here at the Youth Village for another month, and then move to Yavneh, which is a religious kibbutz that you have surely heard about, and there I will prepare for the entrance exams which will take place after the upcoming Sukkot of 5704, after which time I will אי"ה (if I pass the exams) enter the course of study at the university.

How are you? I have already complained in my previous letters: why is it that Feige תח' is always the only one who writes to me? Sara! Please also write to me sometimes about your life, about Ruth תח', etc. And you, Naftali! Why have you completely stopped writing to me? Please write to me about the environment in which you live and what you do. And you too, Ester, תח'! Write to me about how you are progressing in school. I am curious about everything.

Heartfelt greetings to the entire family. I conclude,

With love,




       The intermediate days of the festival.


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