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2 June 1943


Dear Zwi עמ"ש

Forgive me for not having written to you all that time.  I ought to be ashamed of myself.  But really there is such a lot to do now with baby ת', and the weeks and month just seem to fly away.  Don’t be angry with me.  I promise I shall write to you more often now.  I always read the letters you write to Fey ת' and we are very glad to hear that you are happy there.  And we are wishing you all the best for your future. 

Now about your niece, oncle Zwi נ"י: Ruth ת' is ב"ה getting on fine.  She looks very much like Chaim נ"י and is unberufen very sweet.  She laughs, coos and crows now and we can see her progressing from day to day.  She also is sitting up allready.  We will send you a photo of her as soon as we shall get one. 

Did you receive the letter I wrote to you just after our marriage?  With the photo of the wedding from us?  I hope you will send us a photo of you, we can hardly wait to see it.

We hope you had some information from our dearest mother ת', we did not have any since December 1941. May the Almighty grant that we shall soon have good news from her.  We hope mother ת' is save and healthy. 

Chaim נ"י sends his best regards and wishes to you.  He is working now in an aircrafts factory and I will write you more aboute his work next time.  Give regards to aunty and oncle.  Hope you have vorgiven me, and that you will answer me too.

Love from

Chaim, Sara and Ruthy

       A word used to ward off any bad luck associated with mentioning something positive.

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