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9 July 1943

To Mrs. Sara Schreiber, 5 Bruce Castle Court, Tottenham N17, London

From Zwi Weinstock, Kwuzat Jawne, POB, 1306, Tel Aviv Palestine


Dear Sara עמ"ש,

       You cannot imagine how glad I was to receive this letter from you. It is now more than a year since I got your last letter. But I vorgive you now, hoping you will write me regularly from now. I am very sorry I did not receive your letter with the photo of your wedding. I did not answer you immediately, for we moved this week to Kwuzat Jawne.  We have finished yet our learning at Kfar Hanoar, and now we went to Kwuzat Jawne  (it is the first religious kibbuz in Palestine), for one year to see and learn the life in the kibbuz. Afterwards we will continue and establish ourselfes on own ground.

       After 3 months I shall have to pass my matriculation and then I shall begin to learn at the university. First I’ll stay one year at Jawne learning practical work of agriculture by direction of the university, and afterwards I’ll learn at Jerusalem.

        Here at Jawne it is very nice. I like it here very much.

        The aunts, Chane Hinde and Gitel שת', are very much worried not having received any letter from oncel Hershel נ"י since more than six months. I think you had better write me if anything has happened ח"ו because not-knowing, meditation and douting, make much more sorrow and nervousness than even the worst news.

        I am very sorry to tell, I did not have anything from our dear Mother, for more than a year. יתן ד' this war shall come to an end, and we all ’ll be able to be together soon.

How do you do? What is on with Tuly נ"י, why does he not write? Please send my new address to Fey ת'.

Best regards to all the family,

Yours truely



        Yiten Hashem – may G-d grant.

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