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25th July 1943 ב"ה


My dear Zwi עמ"ש!

I have to apologise for not having answered your last Hebrew letters sooner, but I am really very busy these days.  I am going to make this just a short letter, to let you know that we are all keeping well, and I promise you not to be very long with my next long letter to you.  I must admit my Hebrew is not so good as it should be and I rather had difficulties in reading your letters.  Make the next one English, good exercise for you.  Please write even if I don’t answer right away.  I’m always waiting for your letters.  Best regards to all our relations, tell them not to worry.  I have told everybody to write.

Lots of love,



Best wishes and all my regards.  Hope I will write soon.

Your little sister,


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Fay & Este

Fay & Este


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